On Sale!
Sneaky Pete

Item #: KTM-105

Regular price: $689.00

Sneaky Pete

On Sale!
Sneaky Pete

Item #: KTM-105

Regular price: $689.00

Product Details

The Sneaky Pete Fucking Machine offers angle versatility at an affordable price. The machine speed is adjustable from 0-250 strokes per minute. The Sneaky Pete has the ability to adjust the angle of penetration with very little effort. Simply loosen the large adjusting knobs and position the machine to your favorite position, retighten and you're in business. The machine is relatively small and breaks down for easy storage when not in use.

The frame is MIG welded steel with a gloss black powder coat finish for a sleek and durable finish. The machines 3 piece design makes this the perfect fuck machine for traveling. The machine has enough power to probe or plow the tightest holes! Features the KTM exclusive infinite stroke setting from 1 1/2 - 5 1/2 inches. Simply loosen the adjusting knob by hand, reposition to the desired depth of stroke, and retighten the knob.

The machine is pictured above with dildos and accessories for demonstration purposes. These are NOT INCLUDED and are sold as optional accessories: 8" Mullato Dildo, 8" Crystal Jellie Dildo, Fleshlight Adapter and the Fleshlight.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stroke length; 1 1/2"- 5 1/2" Infinite settings
  • Infinite speed, 0-250 strokes a minute
  • Horsepower: 1/16th
  • Estimated Dildo Size: 1" - 2.5" in Diameter
  • Power unit measures 20"x 4"
  • Legs 12" wide x 17" tall
  • Extremely Quiet continuous duty DC gear motor
  • Machine weighs 14 lbs.
  • Electrical requirement 110v 60Hz
  • 220v 50Hz available at no charge (Learn More
  • High Quality product Made in the United States of America

Standard Features:

  • Gloss black Powder Coat finish
  • MIG welded steel frame
  • 9" Vac-u-Lock Adapter included
  • 6 ft hand held speed adjuster
  • 6 foot power cord for your country (No Adapters Needed)
  • IronClad Lifetime Warranty

Optional Accessories:

Customer Testimonial Received 10/10/2008

Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know my Sneaky Pete machine arrived today. I have already used it and all I can say is WOW! This is the best invention since sliced bread. The remote thrust control is a fantastic feature allowing slow and easy penetration to full blown power thrusts. The ability to set your own angles of the machine is a very key feature as well. Overall I cannot think of anything this machine lacks, High quality all around and very quiet too! I will tell all my friends about this wonderful instrument of erotic bliss.

Thank you for selling this product. It was money well spent. I am 100% pleased with my purchase.


RT, The Peach State

Customer Testminonial Received 9/30/2009

If possible I will write two reviews. This first will focus on the technical superiority of your machines. I had watched videos of other machines online and have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I was wrong. We received our Sneaky Pete today and promptly put it together. Assembly took all of 2 minutes. I immediately noticed how clean and tight all of the seams and components are. I placed the rails into their slots and plugged it in. I began to slowly increase the current to the motor and watching this machine come to life. What I observed right away was that it didn't matter how fast or slow this machine was never louder than a whisper. It's described as being like that of a cheap vibrator. I think not. This piece of mechanical art is incredibly quiet. I left the machine running and walked out of my bedroom shutting the door behind me. With everything but the A/C unit in the house off, I could not her the Pete outside of my bedroom. This is awesome because we have two kiddo's with bionic hearing. All of the adjustments were immediately available and extremely easy. Just loosen the wing nut and adjust the stroke, loosen the dial knobs on the legs and infinitely adjust the hight and angle, up to 17". Ken this met and far exceeded all standards. As small but explosively growing market you machine fit's into, you will no doubt be an industry leader. The second review will be written after 5:00 central time. That's when SHE gets home and has the chance to try it out. Again expert machine, expert quality and for the price the absolute best on the market.


Customer Testimonial Received 3/19/2010

Hi - Your Sneaky Pete arrived much faster than expected. Today I used it for the first time and it is wonderful - waaaaayy better than I had dared hope for. I can already tell that I am going to have many Extremely Happy hours with Pete. Thank you Thousands of Times!!

? -Arizona

Customer Testimonial Received on 3/31/2010

Although I already told you how happy I am with my new Sneaky Pete I must write you again. It's not generally known that gay men can achieve orgasm in their asses when being fucked. Even a lot of gay men have laughingly refused to believe this, but I have experienced it a handful of times in the past when with another man and have read about it happening. Now with Sneaky Pete it is happening SEVERAL TIMES every time I use it. This is much more intense pleasure than ejaculating - at times it becomes such intense pleasure that it's almost unbearable. I cannot begin to thank you enough for this! It is a dream come true.

Horny in CA

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