Do the fucking machines have a warranty?
Yes, each fucking machine we manufacture has an IronClad Warranty. Click here for details. We don't only offer exceptional mechanical devices at affordable prices we also offer the best warranty in the industry.

How much is shipping?
The online cart system is connected to FedEx and USPS (For International Orders) to give accurate instant quotes.
To calculate the charges simply add the items you wish to purchase to you cart, fill in your shipping information.

Do you ship machines outside the United States?
Yes, we have shipped machines to over 24 different countries.
Our machines do work with 220/240 volts 50Hz, but may require a adapter plug to operate.

Will the shipping carton say anything on it?
All machines are shipped in plain cardboard boxes. The return shipping address is "KTM Enterprises, LLC". We also use gummed paper tape to seal the shipping cartons. The tape is a paper tape with fiber insert for superior strength and to deter someone other than the recipient to open the package.

Is my information kept confidential?
Yes, we do not share or sell any information. We Never send out SPAM or unwanted advertising. Review our Privacy Statement

How loud are the banging machines?
Each machine is precision crafted using high quality materials. The motor is quiet at any speed. The machine is as loud as the average "cheap" vibrator. The motors used on our machines are industrial grade not throw away type motors found on blenders, drills, etc. In fact, the motors are near silent. The mechanical motion of the sex machine is what creates any noise heard.

How long can I use the machine for?
Each machine is equipped with a continuous duty motor. It can be used for as long as you like, with no down time for cooling, resting, etc. In theory, the machine never needs to be turned off.

How do I know which machine is right for me?
If you cannot decide which machine will satisfy your needs, send us an Email and we can help you make the right choice. Either we have tried it or have spoke to a customer who has. Remember this is our business and we speak to all types of users about fucking machines including men and women.

Will I feel comfortable talking you you about the products you offer?
Well, each of us has our own personality but we are very open minded to talk about the products we offer. In fact, we have coined the phrase "HornySexual" to describe our sexual preferences.