, knows that you are concerned about how your personal information is used and shared, and we respect the importance of maintaining the privacy of our customers. In short does not sell, rent or trade customer information. is firmly committed to providing a safe, secure and confidential experience while visiting our site.

We don't like it when companies sell our names and phone numbers to marketing companies and we will never sell, rent or trade our customers information with anyone, period. We believe that selling customer information for any reason is not only greedy and inconsiderate of customers privacy, it's also just plain rude.

To be specific, when you buy from

      • You will NOT be added to ANY email list: does not send unsolicited email. Unlike most businesses that force you to "opt-out" of their email advertising campaigns, takes the reverse approach, we assume you do not want to receive email advertisements and we do not have a mailing list.
      • You will NOT be added to ANY telephone marketing list:
        We will not sell, rent or trade your telephone number with anyone and we will not use your telephone number for any marketing purposes of our own.
      • You will NOT be added to ANY postal mailing list:
        We will not sell, rent or trade your address information with anyone and we will not use your address information for any marketing purposes of our own.

In short, when you buy from, you will NOT be contacted in any way for any reason except to inform you of the status of your order (see below)  or a question regarding your order. We DO respond to all customer inquiries in a very timely manner.  We prefer the use of our Contact Us Form and will respond back from

KTMenterprisesLLC(at)gmail(dot)com NOT something(at)KensTwistedMind(dot)com.
Emails above are written to avoid spam, fill in the "at" and "dot" accordingly.

Email notification of order status:

The majority of our customers want to be kept informed of the status of their order while it is being processed. Therefore, we try to keep you as informed as possible during the processing and shipping of your order by sending you email notifications. When you place an order with you will receive the following status email messages.

      • A confirmation email is sent immediately after you place your order.
      • An email is sent (with tracking number if available) when you order leaves our facility. Emails are sent by FedEx directly to you.

During checkout you may enter any valid email address of your choice. If there is a problem with your order or we need to contact you for any reason, we will do so by sending email to the address you give us, so please enter a valid address.

Credit Card charges appear as KTM Enterprises, LLC.

You have my personal commitment that we take every step possible to protect your privacy.

Thank you for your business!

KTM Enterprises, LLC.