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Picked up the package yesterday morning and left it in the car until after lunch (the suspense was killing me!) and then brought it out - WOW!!! 

  We started off very slowly at the minimum stroke length. As we always do with something new, took it slow. It didn't take too long until she was comfortable with the functioning of the Blue Ball and we were at the full six inches and she was varying the speed - quite a sight. I gave her a hand mirror so she could see what I was enjoying - BLEW HER AWAY - never seen herself getting %$#~ed before (very erotic).  

Then, with her head over the edge of the bed, she fulfilled one of her life-long fantasies - all thanks to the Blue Ball (and to you!). This too, took some minor adjustments to position everything properly. Once we got it right - what an experience. I was on one of the receiving ends of this fantasy and enjoyed every slurpy stroke.  

Finally, with the help of a hand-held vibrator she came, and came and came and came. (Being an English-minor, "came" is probably grammatically correct, but in the world of sex, would "...she cummed and cummed and cummed..." be appropriate?) She was in ninth heaven - seventh just isn't high enough to explain her feelings.

L'n'J San Jose,CA
Ken -

First off, everything arrived in perfect shape and this was a very positive customer experience.  Thanks!  I'm usually leery of buying site-unseen from the web.  I've been let down in the past.  I was blown away that you figured out a cheaper way to ship and save me some money.  It's nice to see business run with integrity and that really cares about their customers.  I will shop with you again.

I did a lot of research on fucking machines before selecting KTM. Early on in the research, I used your buyer's guide as my criteria for selecting a machine.I quickly found out that a lot of machines were crap - cheap motors, cheap stands/frames, cheap paint, and just bad designs.  I live in Chicago and found some stores that actually carried some machines, so I was able to actually see and touch some machines.  When I did find a comparable model, it was usually twice the price.

I selected the Anaconda.  Why?  It's built to last and has the most versatility.  It's the only machine you'll ever need.  It's solid, well built, and easy to reconfigure.  You name a position you want to try, this machine can easily accommodate. Well worth the money.

So. I didn't really know what to expect. This was my (um.our) first machine. Was it going to be just a novelty?  Is the fun going to be worth the money?  OK, it's here, now what?  My partner (I'm male, she's female) and I experimented with some basic positions to get the feel. Damn! Talk about a "feel".  I took it for a ride too. It was better than expected.

What I didn't realize was the opportunities this has opened up for the two of us!  This machine is not just for solo events.  As a couple, you can get very creative and experimental.  Last night before bed, we were making a list of things we want to try. The possibilities are endless.This weekend is going to be a blast.

People, if you're looking for a fucking machine, go with Ken. There's nothing like 'em.  You won't be sorry.  Also, use Ken's Fucking Machine buying guide when shopping.  Like me, I think you'll find that there is no comparison.  You'll get the best "bang for your buck".

Chris in Chicago
I purchased the Versa Cock for my wife and I just got to say what a fantastic machine this is.

May I thank you for providing the product, service, help and advice that has opened a whole new chapter in our sex life.

We use the sex machine once a week on average and it satisfies her every time. It gives me the greatest of pleasure watching the expressions on her face and listening to the ecstasy when she cums time after time after time.

I usually get a fantastic blow job while the cock pounds her from behind, but sometimes we have great sex after the fucking machine session.

I have shot many videos of my wife using her machine and we both love to watch the replays of the fantastic times that she has.

It would be great if buyers of these fantastic Fucking Machines could upload their videos of them in use and share the experiences with your customers, old and new. I am sure that it would increase your business and bring enjoyment to all who watch them.

Thanks again Ken.

B&P England, UK
Very Satisfied
Hi Ken,

I will first like to start off by saying, "Thank-You". You were a deciding factor in helping us choose the machine that was right for us. It is almost quite difficult to describe in words how Amazing the "Robo Cock" machine is. It is so smooth and fairly quiet that it makes for a very enjoyable session. I can honestly say that this has been one of our most exciting, memorable purchases in a long time. Every fantasy and want can now become a reality. Having a toy like Robo, has given me the freedom to try things like DP, and every 3some situation we can think of. We are Extremely satisfied and will definitely enjoy this product for years to cum :) If anyone wants a true unbiased opinion, or details on how good and easy this machine is to operate, they are welcome to email me direct at (email published at customers request)


I would like to thank you for speaking to me on the phone. In past experiences of ordering on-line with other companies and having questions I've never been able to speak to a person.  You answered all my questions and were most helpful. As you know I placed an order for the "Hide-A-Cock". We received our order in a very timely manner. Thank you!

My wife has never used a machine like this before and was a bit apprehensive.  Let me tell you, once she felt comfortable with it.... (Which by the way didn't take very long at all), she really got it going and what an experience it was. She used the Hide-A-Cock again on Sunday night! Awesome machine, We recommend the "Hide-A-Cock" to any one looking to heighten their sexual pleasure!


You call it Blue Balls, I call it Big Balls! Wow the machine packs quite a punch!! Thanks for the super fast shipping and the great price. I was worried it would be complicated to use, it was so simple even a mechanically challenged country girl like myself had it going in seconds.

Thank you Ken :)

Jeana, TX
Thank you for making my Fucking Machine purchase so pleasurable. I did not know what to expect when I called. Your some what humorous, very honest and direct approach to helping me choose the right machine was spectacular! I expected to have a salesmen on the other end of the phone instead you talked me out of spending hundreds more:) The Hide-a-Cock is great thank you sooooo much.

By the way... Are you available?

San Diego CA
Great machine, great service, great price! You should win the Nobel prize!!  The Hide-a-Cock is amazing, I was very skeptical with the price being so affordable but the machine simply blew my mind. My partner was a bit nervous the first time, but that lasted only a few minutes! Why do you sell any of the other machines?

Joshua, California
I'm in love for the first time in my life!
I have never been fucked so well as with the Robo Cock! Thrust so hard and deep made me scream with pleasure! Awesome machine, gang bang in a box.

Thank you Ken, job well done.


The Versa Cock is exactly what we were looking for!!!  It fits in the closet perfectly, it's strong enough even when I tried the Stryker, and it is a cinch to use. We have been contemplating what machine to buy for over three months and finally decided to just get it already.  I wish we would have made the decision sooner :)

Thank you!

Penny, OH
I Received the Robo Cock several days after ordering. The prices you offer are lower than the

others have looked at. The customer service you provided was very professional and addressed every question and concern. I Read the instructions of care for the Robo Cock
and the accessories I bought and was ready to go. The power as you said was strong enough for an ass pounding. If you like is slow and relaxing or fast and hard, this is your

Thanks again, Ken, for answering every e-mail or phone call. You answered with confidence
and concern which made me feel very much at ease. The quality and craftsmanship of the
Robo Cock is A-1.

Looking forward to making additional purchases and checking your web-site for new items.

Thank you very much for your help in choosing the right machine. The Versa Cock is everything you said it would be and more. My girlfriend and I have never had such erotic, passionate sex! We have experimented with strap ons and other manual toys, but the sex machine is simply unbelievable.


Lisa, Houston
I wanted to share my experience of discovering your site and then finally getting to try out one of your products.  My experience is probably a lot like many of your clients who have been searching for a machine for a while. For years I had been looking for a person or company who built and sold a quality designed sex machine.  I had been looking for almost ten years to find the right one.  A few years back in desperation after having no luck buying a machine I actually tried my hand at building a couple machines on my own that, honestly, were probably more dangerous than functional! Also, they had no speed or stroke length control making them almost impossible to use with any enjoyment.  In the end they were more of a conversation piece than a functional device. So sadly I disassembled them and went back to what seemed like an increasingly hopeless search for a top quality machine.

Then one day Google finally found what seemed to be exactly what I was looking for!  That was my first visit to the web site. Ken, I will say that when I first Googled my way to your site it all just seemed too good to be true. "Could this be real?", I asked myself. Or is this all some guy's "twisted" sense of humor?  As I investigated the site more thoroughly I found out that this was no joke.  It looked like these guys have finally offered what I've been looking to buy for years!
I tried not to let my excitement over what I'd found influence my sense of judgment. I thought to myself, how well could these machines work?  Would it be made with quality parts and materials or would it be the usual piece of junk that everyone else tries to pass off as a "quality" device.  Then knowing that a machine like this would most likely be hand built, I wondered, what would the quality of workmanship be like? Would it just be a bunch of parts slapped together?  This is kind of what I expected and feared knowing that old saying which is quite true, "they don't make 'em like they used to". Not many people seem to have much personal pride in their workmanship these days.  My final concern was whether or not I could trust some total strangers on the Internet with what, for me, was a pretty large sum of money.
I checked out the site in more detail. I couldn't believe that you actually offered not one but several different models of machines designed for each person's particular needs and lifestyles. There were several very affordable machines and then some fancier models that would make the ultimate gift for the "person who has everything"! I bet they don't have one of these!  <ha ha!>  So I was getting more excited by the minute as I dug into the details of your literature and finally decided that the "Robo Cock" was the right one for me.
I was pleased that it arrived at my home quite promptly and discreetly packaged. The first thing I noticed after removing it from the box was how incredibly professional it looked!  The attention to detail was simply unbelievable! Everything from the remote control to the carpet installation was made with such fine precision that it was a truly beautiful piece of equipment (and arguably a work of mechanical art!). Also, it seemed that as much time was spent making the inside look just as nice as the outside. 
An important note: Although very professional looking the unit was clearly designed so as not to attract any attention to itself. I like the fact that there is no writing of any kind on the unit.  It's just a fuzzy gray box with a handle.  I just put it in my closet and no one even knows it's there- or what it is. I also love the fact that the lid to the Robo Cock is held in place by eight screws!  If some nosy friend or neighbor wants to sneak a peak inside the unit to see what's in there they'd better bring a big screwdriver with them! Ken, you've thought of everything!
I'm also extremely impressed by the straight forward design of the machine.  One look at the inside told me that this was thought out very carefully. I could tell that Ken designed this thing to require a minimum of user maintenance and upkeep.  After all, you don't want to have to deal with a bunch of technical issues while you're using it.  I'm very happy to report that my Robo Cock has performed perfectly and was very easy to learn how to use from the very first time.  The different attachments are really cool plus the Allen set screws mean that I can change the attachments in literally just a few seconds without "losing the mood" by having to fumble around with a lot of complicated parts.  Everything about my Robo Cock is very "user friendly" so you don't have to waste a bunch of time adjusting things while you are using it. To quote that guy on TV, "just set it and forget it!" <ha ha!> Even adjusting the stroke length is fairly easy to do. There is only one problem I've found with the machine so far: Thanks to Robo Cock, I don't ever want to leave the house anymore! <ha ha!>
Well, to wrap up my fan mail, Ken let me just say, "you totally rock!" Someone should give you a medal or something for raising the bar on quality in the world of sex novelty toys!

JL- Los Angeles

Just thought I'd let you know my machine arrived today as predicted.
Thanks very much for such a smooth transaction and a great product. Looking
forward to many hours of use from the Robo Cock.  


 Nick, UK