Sex Machine Testimonials from Men and Women!

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Dear Ken,
Just a short note to say thanks for the speedy delivery of my "Monster Cock and attachments". My wife was a bit dubious of trying it at first. However since the first time we haven't looked back. She loves it. The machine is more rugged and quieter than expected, which was a nice surprise. Keep up the inventing and hopefully I will be ordering some more attachments soon.
Marks out of ten....its' got to be a BIG 10.

T.H. United Kingdom
I took delivery of "Hide-a-cock" with numerous attachments today (thanks for a speedy service, by the way). I just wanted to email you and say "WOW"!!! I am truly impressed. This machine is amazing. It is very sturdily built. The motor is powerful, speed perfectly variable from slow and easy  to what really amounts to quite a pounding. And the variable stroke length is ideal. I LOVE IT! And the toolbox makes an ideal solution to both storage and mounting.
All I can say is "thank you"!

Alex, United Kingdom

We heard about you on Playboy's Night calls and did not think this was real. We went to your website and ordered a sex machine the same night.  WOW! Julie and tiffany were right about the machine, this is the best sex toy I have ever owned. I will be buying a larger dildo soon!

Thank you very much for the great service and a great mind!

Beth, MN
Jeezus dude...I've had my machine for a couple of months now, and I've been meaning to write to you since I've received it, but who can turn the damn machine off for long enough to fire off an email???  Before buying the machine, I did a lot of research, so I basically knew what to expect and decided that it was probably worth the investment.  Well, after the very first session, I discovered that my high expectations were set WAY to low!  This machine has surpassed my wildest expectations. If any of your customers are in doubt as to worth of your machines, let me just say this...skimp on groceries, sell plasma, or just beg on the street.  Do whatever it takes to come up with the cash to buy one of these babies.  It will be the best investment you have ever made!

You are a GOD man! If there is such a thing as karma, you have earned several lifetimes of happiness for all the joy you have brought to others!"

A VERY satisfied "Hide-A-Cock" owner...
New Orleans, Louisiana
Words fail me, Ken. That Hide-a-cock of yours is a marvel. It handles the biggest toys I have and lays out quite a pounding (that figure of 100 rpm for a top speed is a modest estimate, mine seems to run a bit above that, quite to our delight!!). Thanks for your twisted mind and a great fucking machine.

TD, Illinois

,There are no words that can explain the intense "fuck," the little "tank" as you call 'em, can deliver without hesitation. The simplicity, but oh-so-fucktional machine is well, beyond words. Its just one of those things in life that you cannot explain, you just gotta experience it. Kinda like watching a NHRA top-fuel car race at 325 mph on television, then going to see the real thing. Ain't no comparison. And beyond the sale is customer support that is so genuine, but all business. Just like a real Cajun!!!! All
play, but play hard and get it done right the first time because so there is always room for more playin'. Sorry Ken, but anything south of I-10 in Louisiana is Cajun.........aaaaaaaaahhhhhhyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And that is just one of the many sounds that the little machine will cause to.........well, you know the rest. The best product, and yes it is the lowest priced machine I have found by far, but that is where the going gets "Strokin'" as Clarence Carter puts it oh so well............ World class support and help any time and even better, this guy is for real. Further customization after the sale as well as some of the best prices on accessories in the whole damn world make anyone's purchase from that little twisted mind a real value. I would bet my car on the versatility and reliability of the Hide-a-Cock. It's that well built. Quality parts, quality machine work, and lowest prices in the solar system. And I don't drive a piece of junk either. My current car of the German origin is just as tough and costs, well.......way too damn much. But I am that so confident in
Kens product to say that if the low price scares you away, don't be fooled just because most every other machine is well over $1000. I would wager my car on the versatility, reliability, and satisfaction that the unit has brought to the local "area." No kiddin' . If you want the "Ultimate Fuck Machine," get it from A purchase anywhere else is just freakin' nuts. I looked at these machines for a long time, then by accident, I linked over to and couldn't believe what I was seeing. And yes, at first I was a bit weary. So I asked way too many questions, all of which were answered without hesitation. And being of the mechanical background myself, he said all the right things without hesitation.  The confidence he displays when discussing the engineering and quality parts used in the manufacturing process is "IN YOUR FACE", who's your daddy, kind of confidence. Unbelievable. Just DO IT, order today! You will be wondering why you hadn't had this contraption years ago. Where were you Ken, oh 20 years ago? Were there fuck machines of this quality 20 years ago? These parts he is using were not in existence then. Gear reduction continuous duty motors, speed control knob with oh-so-mild to wild sensitivity. And multiple stroke adjustments, say not enough length, set the stroke for the full capacity and it still does not mind the non-stop abuse. I could go on and on....Just get one."

Steve, MS

Just wanted you to know that we got our package on time without incident. We made use of our purchase the first night and have already enjoyed it many times since. We have spent thousands over the years on miscellaneous sex toys and this is absolutely the best purchase we have ever made.  We look forward to years of fun and you can definitely count on us to be repeat customers.

Thanks a million for the toy.
Eric, Kansas
I was looking back at some old mail and I don't think I thanked you. I bought the Hide a cock and it is still wonderful. I bought that double dildo from you and it is my favorite. I have had so many multiple orgasms I cant count them. The only problem is .....I am hornier now than I was before I bought it. I sometimes loose track of time and before I know it two hours have gone by. My hub does not know about it but he has reaped some benefits. My back door, shall I say, is open to him any time he wants, and I have long multiple orgasms with him and the machine. Thank You Thank You Thank You

Deb, USA
Just to let you know the Hide-a-Cock arrived safe and sound on new years eve. I cannot believe it only took two days to arrive at my door. What a night we had and have had ever since, hence the delay with this email! The machine is so smooth running quiet and the Doc Johnson dongs are so realistic it just can't fail to satisfy, my wife loves it. It takes over when I can't carry on any longer and has 100% success rate. She loves its rhythm, and what a turn on to see her getting total satisfaction guaranteed every time its used. every couple should have one.  

Very Kind Regards
 Duncan (Oxford England) Keep Inventing!
Charla is getting comfortable with and really likes the Robo Cock machine, and is increasing the speed every time she uses it. This morning has been the best so far, she really cranked it up and saw what it could do.  I had to change the stroke for her from 7" to 5" after the first couple of times, and it was very easy to do. She went from one orgasm at a time before the machine to multiples, and knows now the door is wide open for more.

  Below is the tally so far:

Times Used  Orgasms  Dildo
1  2  8" UR3
1  2  8" UR3
1  2  8" UR3
1  3  John Holmes
1  3  8" UR3
Thanks for such a very well made and beneficial product. Also, the self  piercing adapter you sent for the John Holmes worked real well.

Hi Ken,

Well the toy is now here and I've been having some fun, for sure! My first impression can be summed up in three words:
After I get past six or eight orgasms I really lose count and this thing got me there faster than I've ever been before! When I went back for round two, after a while I thought maybe I was done for the night and turned it off. Just then I had wave after wave of orgasm as I was just lying there....never experienced that in my life! Wow! Aftershocks!!
You might call it "One-der Woman".
I call it "Who needs a man?" LOL!
I guess you could say I'm very pleased!  You have been a pleasure to do business with and I really appreciate the personalized attention you give. I certainly would recommend your products to anyone.

Deborah, PA
Dear Ken,

We received our machine on Friday last.

It didn't take very long for me to set it up, and as you advised, play with it for a time to get the feel of it.

So, last night, Saturday, we tried it out for the first time.


Within just a few minutes, and I mean just 2 or 3, Lin had her first orgasm, and after cranking up the speed to suit, about 120rpm I reckon, she went from one orgasm to another, and another.

She found the stroke very smooth, and although I had changed the depth of thrust to a 4 inch one, without any practice on her part, she agrees that this is just a great machine, one which we will use for years.


John and Lin, UK
I purchased the Monster Cock from KTM. It's easily the best investment I've made in some time. A little awkward at first, it soon became easy for me to find the right angle, stroke length, and speed. It works VERY well, bringing me to orgasm with seemingly little effort on it's part. The machine is just that - a machine! It doesn't quit just when you're on the verge of orgasm, and it doesn't get a headache! It keeps going and going. If you're into getting it, this is an EXCELLENT product. Once you find your comfort zone and get into it, this thing just goes on and on. Sometimes you may not want to just have the session done with. I've personally used my machine for a few hours at a pop, then had some of my most intense orgasms ever! It's a durable machine. I have a partner and he's not ALWAYS interested. When he's not, it's no big deal. For anal play, the machine works VERY well. There's plenty of speed and pressure, and it's a great way for me to be greedy when I want to. If you pay for the machine, you should also pay for the Doc Johnson 8" original dildo attachment or similar. The accessories attach quickly and stay on. If you like to receive, this is poundingly delightful! Before I had it, I don't know how I got by without my machine.

This thing is freakin' GREAT! My wife came so much, she pissed on herself!! You rock!!

Don, East Coast

I cannot stop using the machine, It feels like nothing I have ever experienced.


Dawn, MI

Everything just as promised! We love the machine and plan to use it often.

Evin, Switzerland