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Item #: KTM-115

Regular price: $950.00


On Sale!

Item #: KTM-115

Regular price: $950.00

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Click here to see the RealStroke in action on YouTube

 The RealStroke Fucking machine is now available! Similar to our indjustry first RoboStroke the RealStroke is simply a smaller version for use with smaller dildos. We do not recomend the use of dildos over 2" in diamter with this machine.  This machine will perform well with dildos less than 2" in diamter.  Many of the Vac-u-lock dildos we sell fit into this catergory.

Features Include: Case hardened chrome shaft and precision linearr bearing system. All steel MIG welded frame powder coated a sexy textured black finish.

The RealStroke is a realistic machine that has the ability to change the length of stroke and the speed while the machine is moving! Simply tap the LCD screen and the machine will adjust based on the input provided. The stroke can be adjusted from 1" to 5" at any time during operation. The RealStroke offers the most realistic sex experience possible. We have also provided a set of Patterns to offer mind blowing experiences depending on your mood. The provided patterns provide a realistic experience you still control the depth of stroke and the speed all by tapping the handheld LCD touch screen. You simply use the handheld LCD touch screen to adjust the speed you desire.

Touch the Pattern key to switch to the pattern page to select a fucking machine pattern.  The pattern keys each select a pattern of different strokes and some of the patterns have different speed for different strokes (like Fast In, Slow Out and Slow in, Fast Out).  If you change your mind, press the Go Back key to return to the main page.  Press Stop to stop.

Included Patterns: 

  • In & Out
  • 4 Stroke
  • One Long, Two Short
  • Long & Short
  • Short & Long
  • Long & Three Short Tickle
  • Fast In & Slow Out
  • Slow In & Fast Out
  • Just Crazy
  • Bump in, Bump Out

Manufactured of high quality components to last a lifetime and offer a lifetime of use. The design and included stand allows simple angle and height adjustment for almost any position you can imagine. The machine will work in horizontal and straight up vertical position. Its small footprint allows it to be placed directly on a bed. The RealStroke speed is adjustable from 0 - 200 strokes per minute via a handheld remote simply tap the LCD screen to increase or decrease the speed. The stroke adjustment can be done on the fly! Simply tap the LED screen to increase or decrease the stroke while the machine is in operation. The machines capabilities and extreme responses do make a little noise. When used at "normal" speeds the machine cannot be heard behind closed doors. If the machine is used at higher speeds depending on the patterns chosen a little noise is to be expected.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stroke length; 1 "-5" Infinite settings controllable while in motion via handheld LCD touch screen
  • Infinite speed, 0-200 strokes a minute controllable handheld LCD tough screen
  • Proprietary Motor System
  • Estimated Dildo Size: 1" - 2" in Diameter
  • Machine weighs 22 lbs.
  • Measures 19" x 10.5" x 11.75" with stand
  • Angle Adjustment -Infinite
  • Height adjustment from 3"- 16"
  • Electrical requirement 110v 60Hz
  • 220v/240v 50Hz available at no additional charge (Learn More)
  • High Quality Product made in the United States of America.

Standard Features:

  • 10" aluminum vac-u-lock adapter
  • Gloss Black Powder Coat finish
  • MIG welded steel frame and stand
  • 5 foot hand held speed adjuster
  • 6 foot power cord. We are currently limiting sales to US Customers. World Wide coming soon!
  • IronClad Lifetime Warranty

Optional Accessories:

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