On Sale!
Bitch Tamer Package

Item #: KTM-123

Regular price: $899.00

Bitch Tamer Package

On Sale!
Bitch Tamer Package

Item #: KTM-123

Regular price: $899.00

Product Details

Who's your Daddy now? BITCH!!

The Bitch Tamer Bondage Fucking Machine is now offered for each customer to create the machine that best fits their needs. You are able to choose the Standard Furniture Mate, Standard Sneaky Pete or Sneaky Pete Maxx fucking machine. Each Bitch Tamer Kit comes complete with out very popular Pro Stockade. The Kit also will include an additional leg or stand so you can attach your machine to the Pro Stockade ($75 Value).

You are able to use all the components separately or in combination to create sexual fantasies you will never forget. The Sneaky Pete line is very innovative and allows many positions around your love nest. The included stand of the Furniture Mate and Furniture Mate Pro machines allow you to use the machine around the house without the stockade if you are not in a bondage mood.

The Prisoner Stockades are fully adjustable to accept all body types and sizes. Add your favorite restraints and start training that Bitch today!

Unlike "other" similar machines on the market our Bitch Tamer Package INCLUDES a Free standing Fucking Machine Furniture Mate, Sneaky Pete or Sneaky Pete Maxx so you can use it around the house as a regular fucking machine and the Bondage Stockade when the need for "Bitch Taming" arises (which is usually fairly often). You can create many experiences with this package!

Available in with Standard or Maxx Version of the Fucking Machine YOU Choose.

  • Standard Sneaky Pete or Furniture Mate is included with base model Bitch Tamer
  • Sneaky Pete Maxx available for $150 additional charge
  • Click links For Specifications on the Sneaky Pete or Furniture Mate
  • Click links For Specifications on the Sneaky Pete Maxx

Includes our Pro Stockade with Waist Bar.

Optional accessories for the Waist Bar
  • Mega Velcro Waist Strap (2" Wide x 48" Long) Available for Pro Stockade for $34 additional charge.
  • Waist Bar Pad and Vinyl Cover Available for Pro Stockade for $35 additional charge.

Neck Restraint Options: We NOW offer 3 Options!

  • Neck Restraint Option for Metal Locking Collar (SHOWN IN PICTURE)
  • Neck restraint is 1" wide x 6" in diameter Neck restraint is adjustable from 8" to 14" tall
  • Neck restraint is adjustable forwards and backwards
  • We also now offer a simple "D" ring mount on an adjustable tube. You supply your own leather collar or similar and attach to the "D" ring
  • You supply your own leather collar or similar
  • The "D" post is adjustable from 8" to 14" tall
  • The "D" post is adjustble forwards and backwards (NOT PICTURED ABOVE)
  • Option 3 is no neck restraint at all (NOT PICTURED ABOVE)

Available with or without restraints YOU choose.

Now Available with out Newest Option the Chest Support with easy to clean cover.

  • The chest support was a frequently asked for item. We now offer it as part of the Bitch Tamer Package. You will save a few dollars if you purchase it now for $59. This price includes the metal support, the foam pad and the marine grade cover. Read more about the Chest Support For Stockade.

Standard Features of the Bitch Tamer Packages:

  • Breaks down for easy storage
  • Gloss black powder coat finish
  • Easy tool free assembly and adjustments
  • MIG welded steel frame
  • Large ergonomic adjustment handles
  • No tools required for assembly
Even More Additional Accessories:

Customer Feedback: 5/06/2013

Hi ya Ken, I didn't want to write anything minutes after opening the box. Thought I would give it a few weeks and see what I really thought of the Bitch Tamer. As you know I got the works with the stockade and the sneaky pete pro. I am extreme glad I decided to go this route. The sneaky pete pro will handle the largest of dildos and the size doesn't phase it at all. Simply put it is an amazing machine.

SoI thought I would try it out a few times on my own before handing the controls over to someone. WOW!!! I have had my toes curl before, but this thing curled my whole body up in one little orgasmic knot. What really took me off guard was the umph of the sneaky pete pro. I turned it on low speed and the next thing I know, very much to my surprise, it has shoved my hips nicely up against the waist bar. Bitch Tamer is so the right name for it.

I have yet to reach the maximum stroke speed with it. However, I will say pretty much anything past halfway is just mind boggling. I haven't use the neck restraint yet because I found the need to muffle my vocal outburst with a pillow. I live in an apartment and the sneaky pete pro doesn't make enough noise to bother anyone, but it makes me get rather loud I'm afraid.

I love the fact it is versatile enough to be used with or without the stockade. That allows for creative fun no matter what the mood. This should be a must have for every bedroom. People would be in such a better frame of mind as they go throughout their day completing the trivial task that so many of us must deal with. I know in the last three weeks I have found myself amidst a bad day or two and I just think, oh wait until I get home. An evilish little grin comes across my face as I know later that night I'll be saying " Oh My God what a fuck that was.

Thank you so very much for your amazing machine and such a beautifully twisted mind.