Quick Connect Coupler Rod

Item #: KTM-210
Quick Connect Coupler Rod

Quick Connect Coupler Rod

Item #: KTM-210

Product Details

Quick Connect Coupler Rod for Quick Connect Vac-u-lock Adpaters. The coupler on the end of the rod allows you to quickly change out Vac-u-Lock adapters with differents dildos while using the fucking machines. No tools needed, simply slide the coupler back and slide out the Quick Connect Vac-u-Lock Adapter. Slide the coupler forward to lock the new adapter in place. REQUIRES Quick Connect Vac-u-Lock Adapters which are NOT Included.

Fits all current KTM Machines. 

Available in 6 1/2" length (overall length 8.25") and 10" length (overall length 11.75") 

We recomend the 6 1/2" length for the following machines:
  • Hide-a-Cock 
  • Sneaky Pete and Sneaky Pete Pro 
  • Thunder Balls and Thunder Balls Pro
  • Versa Cock

We recomend the 10" length for the following machines: 

  • Red Devil 
  • Furniture Mate 
  • Nymphconda
How do I know what thread size I need?

  • Current Machines have 5/16 x 18 TPI
  • Machines purchased prior to July 1, 2018 have 1/4 x 20 TPI